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How To Boost Your Internet Connection

Today, almost everyone is using the internet in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s to stream movies, get on social media, watch tv, get news information, listen to music or access to software for work – everything is in the cloud. Because of the immense utility the internet provides, and with how closely our culture is connected to it today, having a strong internet connection has become more than just a luxury – it’s now a necessity. If you’ve ever suffered from a poor connection, you know how frustrating that can be. So whether you need to adjust the location of your router or invest in RF power dividers, here are some tips you can consider when trying to boost your signal.

  1. Update Your Security

Many times, the simple fix to improve internet speeds (specifically Wi-Fi) is to increase your security. There is a subset of the population known as “bandwidth leeches”. These are people that hop on free Wi-Fi networks and freeload off of your paid services. If you haven’t added security to your network by way of a password and WPA2 security, now is the time to do it. Not only will this help your speeds, but it also is crucial to the safety of any other electronics you have tied to your network.

  1. Optimize Your Settings

When it comes to slow Wi-Fi, another thing you can do to help speed it up is by trying different router settings to see if strength and speed improve. Some routers have different settings for entertainment that prioritize bandwidth for certain types of media, so if you have multiple users on the Wi-Fi you may consider turning this off. Other settings to mess with are the Request to Send (RTS) thresholds, which you can reset or set to a lower number.