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How to choose a table lamp

Functional mobile lighting technology is relevant in the home interior and office. It is easy to move the table lamp to the desired place, fix it on the ledge of a niche, table top or shelf. Modern manufacturers create many models on a clamp, clothespin or just a stable base. But how to choose a table replica atollo lamp so that it can perform assigned tasks for a long time and not harm your eyesight?

Choosing a lamp for a child

Before deciding which table lamp to choose, decide on its purpose:

  • It is needed as an auxiliary light source at night (night light);
  • Serves as the main source of lighting for the student’s desk;
  • Plays the role of background lighting.

Technical characteristics when choosing lighting equipment are paramount, because the favorable working conditions depend on them:

Light of optimal intensity. If the lighting is not good enough, performance will decrease, the eyes will quickly get tired, and fatigue will increase. It is better to choose models with power control, set the required mode, alternate between work and rest (set the maximum and dimmed brightness, respectively);

Low power. It is important to know not only how to choose the right desk lamp for a student, but also how to use it. Experts recommend that you always turn on the main lighting in the room, install a desktop light source with a power of 40-100 watts. The glow of more powerful lamps reflects off the paper, irritating the eyes of the child;

Diffused, indirect light. How to choose a table lamp for a student will tell you the peculiarity of the layout of the room. If natural lighting from windows is not enough, you need to select models with the most extended lampshade in order to cover a large surface. For well-lit spaces, lamps with directional shades are suitable, the soft light of which falls strictly on the working area. Luminaires with reflector shades of cylindrical, round or trapezoidal type are best suited. Thin and transparent lampshades will not be able to shade the light, it will cut the eyes;

Swivel tripod. The bendable “leg” will help to set the optimal height of the lamp, adjust it to a comfortable position for the student. The optimal height is 30-45 cm.