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How To Find Pipe Leaks In Your Home

Leakages represent the majority of concerns you may encounter with your home pipes system. Any type of damaged component runs the risk of causing leakages. While leaks are normally easy to identify and deal with, especially those that originate from noticeable pipes components such as a tap and shower, there are certain cases in which finding them can prove difficult. 

Leakages originating from the pipes are normally the most difficult to find, since pipes are usually concealed underneath the sink, behind huge installations, or even within the walls. This is why should you suspect a leak but can’t find its origin, it is important that you engage the services of a waterproofing specialist Singaporecompany.

Recognize the reason

The initial step to all pipes fixes is to find the source of the trouble, because that’s where you will derive your approach of fixing from. A lot of pipeline leakages, nevertheless, are brought on by either damage along the pipe or a loosened joint.

Start searching vulnerable spots of pipes

While it is true that any part of your pipes can crack and start leaking given particular circumstances, there are known spots that are more vulnerable than others. Recognising these parts and paying attention to them is a good start for finding leakages.


Comes in three types: throttling, non-return and isolation– this installation allows you to change the flow of water.


An additional sort of connector planned for hoses when they require to be matched onto pipelines. It has male threads at one end and a barbed tube at the other.


A sort of fitting that helps in reducing the flow of water or the quantity of water being pull from one pipeline to another.

Dual Tapped Bushing

A brief pipeline with male threads on both ends and is used to fit a straight end hose pipe or pipe.


Like cross and tee, this connector joins three pipelines and allows for a change in the elevation of 1 or 2 of the pipes.

Although not every one of these fittings and connectors might be incorporated in your house piping system, it is important to recognize them and their functions to ensure that you can easily choose which one to install in case you need to upgrade the piping system’s structure or repair a dripping pipeline.

Poor Installation Work by your Contractor 

No matter if your waterlines are made from the finest quality materials, unless it’s set up by a very proficient plumbing company, you cannot expect too much from it. Quickly you’ll notice water flying from one of the connections or your water meter running wildly even if everything is closed. This is why it is critical that you hire a certified plumber to deal with all of your plumbing installations. Besides, a pipes system would still fail even if only a part of it is second-rate.