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Pest Control

How to Pest Proof Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the prime locations for the pests due to its hot and humid temperature, leftover food and dirty corners. On the other hand, the pantry is more difficult most top proof because the poison may contaminate the food and can spread infection or be as fatal as causing death.No worry. We got you some awesome ideas that you may try out while pest-proofing your kitchen.

1. Clean the kitchen regularly

Since the corners of any kitchen generally remain ignored, the pests tend to grow there. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on these dark and dusty corners to prevent pest growth.

Pest Proof Your Kitchen

2. Empty the trash regularly

The trash is one of the favourite places for the pests to grow. The leftover food, organic items, vegetable and uncooked meat or fish – all these make the place ideal for the pests. Als the moist polythene bag encourages pest growth. Our suggestion is to keep two distinct trash buckets at your kitchen – one for dry trash and another for wet. Though it may look unappealing that falls flat on the face of safety means. Also, no matter how many trash buckets you have at your place, it’s of no use if you don’t clean them regularly. Make sure to empty it every day and clean it with soapy water at least thrice a week. This will help to prevent germs.

3. Use pesticide

Pesticides are a must but you need to invest in one that doesn’t smell musty or not liquid. Because these can easily mix with food and can spread poisonous diseases. We suggest you use pest control chalk. This will help you to make a border around your kitchen and prevent the pests to appear.

Implement these tricks and you are good to go!