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How to protect the submersible flat cables when it associated with a submersible pump?

Before you directly knowing about the maintenance tips to protect the submersible cables, you should know about the submersible pump and the role of submersible cables. Generally, the submersible cables are used in wet areas to protect the user from electric shocks. The Submersible pump will present on the deep underground with four to five feet above water level.

Wires play a major role between the pump and electric circuit. The distance between the pump and the power control box will connect with a submersible flat cable to tackle the troublesome chore. Read more this article to find the maintenance tips for submersible cables.

Supplied components on Submersible pump

The role of the submersible flat cable will differ according to the features of the submersible pump. When the pump is a 3-phase, using the 3 core cable is ideal else the pump will not get sufficient power supply for functioning. In the sense, using the correctly rated motor cables is essential to avoid power shocks. The submersible cable can be spliced or connected to the motor leads as per the submersible pump specifications.

The reason why protecting the wires is essential

Have you ever think how the many submersible pumps fail while pulling? The major reason behind the failure of the Submersible pump is unprotected submersible cables. It doesn’t mean the wires are damaging the motor it showcases the less power supply into the submersible pump.

Insulated cables 

Submersible cables in past days get to wear when it not often protected with insulation. It may happen when the pump stops and starts. However, the submersible cables in recent days are coming with high insulating materials to avoid damages. You should concern about the quality of the submersible flat cableto avoid typical damages on wires.

Avoid tighter twists

One of the major problems faced by the submersible pump owner was the issues on motor torque. When the submersible cables repeated twisting and insulated in the pump, it can cause the threaded pipe fitting issues. Wrapping the torque arrestor or rubber accessory is required to save the submersible cables from the twisting issues.

Soldered connections

The danger of crimp-on wire connections may corrode and fail to work in a wet environment. That’s experts suggested you to soldered the wire connection safely. Additionally, you can get the effective materials to keep the wires protected from the corrosion, and failed conditions. Verifying the wire connection condition is essential to soldered it properly instead of damaging it. For instance, the condition to solder the 3 core cable is different from other cables.

Use the crimped connectors

When you need to install the submersible pump lowered down below, adding the splice wires is essential. While adding those splice connection, prefer to use the crimped connectors that will save the wire from corrosion over the years.

The takeaway

Although you have taken the aforementioned maintenance tips in common practices, you can protect the submersible cables for the long-term. Find and use the quality electrician’s tapes to protect the wire while installing the pump or pulling the wire through pipes.