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Kitchen Cabinets: Your Perfect Kitchen Redesign Companions

A kitchen is certainly a place which many people would want to add a look which is very much personal just as the kitchen itself. We all would, wouldn’t we? The kitchen is very much one’s own space and should be designed in a way so that the cooking experience becomes more enriched. And this is where kitchen cabinets come in.

Kitchen cabinets are the perfect addition to your kitchen décor. They provide your kitchen not only with ample storage but also do it in a manner which is very much effective both in terms of both space and design.

There are different types of wholesale kitchen cabinets that are available at attractive prices. They are not only durable, strong and space efficient but their premium finish makes them long-lasting and resistant to wear-and-tear for longer periods of time.

Here are 5 famous kitchen cabinet designs for your consideration:

  1. Walnut cabinets: Walnut Kitchen cabinets are imbibed with a chocolaty shade of brown which fills the kitchen with richness and warmth. These cabinets greatly add to the essence of your kitchen space. Even the mellowing that the walnut hue acquires with time adds to the cabinet’s timeless appeal.

  1. Vintage white cabinets: These cabinets are pure white in color and give the kitchen a pristine touch of sophistication.Vintage white cabinets take you back to the homes of the Victorian era of white hues that reflect class. Moreover, the color white makes your kitchen appear larger than it is for real.

  1. Cherry Wood cabinets: The beautiful finish of a grained, rich toned, cherry cabinets gives your kitchen an old world charm that is unlike any other. They give your kitchen a timeless appeal which can be a perfect addition to your kitchen décor. A good way of complementing your cherry wholesale kitchen cabinets is by keeping the same finish for the flooring and countertop. Or you can go for a contrasting color like marble. This contrasts enhances the vibrancy of your kitchen even further.

  1. White shaker cabinets: These cabinets are called ‘”shaker” due to their Victorian finish that incorporates broad borders along all the ends. The white color adds the perfect traditional sophisticated feel. Their sleek nature make these wholesale kitchen cabinets a worthy choice for a transitional kitchen décor. A great complement to these cabinets would be opting for furniture of deep color like cherry or walnut finishes. You can even opt for a countertop of such a finish.

  1. The Cafe Vienna cabinets: These wholesale kitchen cabinets carry a rich warm chocolate stain color which is a much darker version of walnut cabinets. They are able to complement any kitchen décor, be it traditional, modern or transitional. The chocolaty stain further enhances its richness with time which give these cabinets a timeless appeal. Choose to complement these with furniture of lighter shades of white or grey along with a marble countertop.

Kitchen cabinets certainly give your kitchen the perfect look you desire. With their large variety of sizes, shapes, colors and designs, they are fit for any kitchen décor. Moreover, their effectively usability and both storage and space efficiency makes them a worthy kitchen décor addition.

Nowadays, wholesale kitchen cabinets are available in attractive affordable prices along with discounts and offers. RTA kitchen cabinets are also available which arrive at your doorstep ready to be assembled by no one else but you.

Other than the 5 styles mentioned above, there are numerous other styles of cabinetry to choose from for your kitchen. Opt for one which suits your kitchen perfectly both in terms of looks and utility.