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Kitchen Renovation Guide – Things to Consider

Kitchen renovation and remodeling is one of the most exciting yet challenging projects you can undertake. Whether you are an avid cook, seasoned host, or a busy homemaker, your needs for a dream kitchen will vary depending on your lifestyle. When it comes to renovating a kitchen, many things will need your attention. From finding the right contractor to choosing the right cabinets and tiles, there will be a lot of planning to make and decisions to take. In this kitchen renovation guide, we will take a look at some of the essential things to consider.

1. Finding the right contractor

The average cost of a kitchen renovation can be $20,000 upwards, and it may take about four to eight weeks to complete. You will be in touch with the contractor for a long time; hence, you need to make sure that he is reliable, well-experienced, knowledgeable, and you should be able to get along well with him. When selecting a contractor, make sure that he is licensed, and there are no recent complaints against him. He should have completed projects of similar scale successfully in the past, and he should be willing to share past client’s details with you.

2. Top Kitchen Trends To Follow

Once you have decided upon the contractor, now it’s time to take a look at the top kitchen trends and consider a few tips that can upgrade your kitchen and give it a new look. The latest trends include clean and concealed storage solutions that not only look neat but also provide a feeling of spaciousness. Pewter and gunmetal are the two main varieties. These metals are not harsh like matte black or too specific like gold or brass. They give your lighting fixtures a new depth and textures.

3. Kitchen Cabinets To Add More Style

When it comes to kitchen renovation and remodeling, cabinets play an important role in making or breaking the look. The new trends point towards custom kitchen cabinets designed according to the availability of space. The use of wood has remarkably increased in the past few years as it fosters a calming and welcoming ambiance. Wood is a classic and versatile material that can be adorned with various types of finishes to give your kitchen a whole new look. The house owners of today show affinity towards airier and lighter spaces, and there’s nothing better than wood to achieve this. You may also try contrasting textures and colored cabinets to bring about a unique look in the kitchen.

4. Lightings and Fixtures

Everything from appliances to lighting and fixtures has an inclination towards a slim and sleek design these days. People prefer integrated appliances and hoods that are slim and compact. Induction cooktops are in rage for their seamless design. The hanging pendants also create a stylish statement, and it’s a great idea to anchor the dining space with lighting fixtures that look like pendants and sculptural jewelry. Digital technology also continues to drive innovations to make smart kitchens like never before.

5. Ideas To Make A Small Kitchen Look Big

Designing or remodeling a large kitchen is not a big deal, but the real challenge surfaces when you have to design a small-sized kitchen. Consider using a lot of mirrors to give your kitchen a spacious and airy look. Make use of light colors on the walls to make your kitchen look more prominent. Try to bring outdoor elements inside the house to give your kitchen a more open look. Open shelving and proper lighting can also make a small and tight space look more spacious.