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Make Your Home the best That You Can Imagine

You live in a rental home. Do you feel that you are staying in someone else’s home? That’s a shame. Fortunately, you can change that. Without major investments and risks you can turn your rental home into a real home with these simple easy home decor tips.

Make agreements with your landlord

This is the first and most important step. A good relationship with your landlord is worth gold. Discuss your plans with him or her and ask how far you can go with your ideas. Make agreements and clearly communicate what you will do and when. Your landlord will then feel more involved.

Also make suggestions for improvements that are for the account of your landlord. Is the relationship right? Then he or she will take it into account.

Paint the walls

Paint is the cheapest way to transform a space into something completely different. With 1,001 different colors available, you determine the color palette of the house yourself. Pick up some friends and paint your rental home in one weekend. And then enjoy a home that is a little bit more at home.

Improve the floors

The floors in a rental home are sometimes old and worn out. Or they have a cheap appearance. Ask your landlord if it is possible to install new floors. Is it not an option? Then you can work with large carpets or carpet tiles.

Don’t hold back in terms of furniture

Beautiful furniture ensures an upgrade of your home. Do you come across a beautiful piece? Then don’t hold back. Because if you ever moved, you would just take those beautiful furniture with you, right?

Clean tile joints

The joints between tiles get a dirty appearance over the years. And that has a major impact on the experience of the home. Cleaning your tile joints is therefore not unimportant. And it’s pretty simple: make the joints clean and free of grease with a brush and apply grout paint.

You can buy grout paint from your local do-it-yourself dealer. You choose the color that best matches the original color of the joints. This subtle upgrade ensures a good result, and that radiates to the entire space.


Bring greenery into your home. We cannot emphasize that enough. Plants not only ensure the purification of the air in the home, but they also provide more cosiness and a luxurious appearance.

New door knobs

Do you like those old or cheap looking door knobs? Then replace them with copies that you like. Keep the originals. If you ever move, swap them back and use your favorite door knobs in your new home.

Hang things on the wall

Afraid to make holes in the wall? That’s not necessary. And a bare wall, that’s just boring. So hang your own photos and paintings to your heart’s content. If you ever move, just fill the gaps with filler.

Don’t forget the garden or terrace

Do you have a garden or terrace in your rental home? Then put your own stamp on it with beautiful patio furniture, plants and flowers. You then do large garden work in agreement with your landlord.