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Moving The Whole Lot in the Right Way

When you decide to move, it is necessary to notify various bodies and companies. Here is the list of organizations and associations that anyone is obliged to notify when moving.

Who should be notified when deciding to move?

Easier for the condominium

If you move to a condominium, generally you don’t have to communicate anything, at least for water: in fact, contracts with the Aqueduct are usually made out to the condominium itself. For the entire moving you can make use of the denver movers now.

Does the contract already exist?

If, on the other hand, you move to a house for which there is a contract with the Aqueduct, you must collect and fill in the form “Commitment for transfer of drinking water users” at the offices of the water company in your municipality.

If you want to terminate the contract?

If you leave a house where you have a contract with the Aqueduct, you must deliver a cancellation letter, but only if the new owner does not sign a contract with the Aqueduct within the following two months.

Plan your office move in advance

One of the keys to an efficient office move is that each person has clear and concise instructions on what to do, when and how.

Each employee of the company should know what their role is in the move. For example, perhaps you should only be in charge of packing your personal belongings, or you may also be the one in charge of moving a certain type of documents.

If the company is very large, assigning coordinators to each department can help you organize yourself better.

If you organize yourself, moving offices will be very easy.

Move IT equipment first

One of the first things to move is equipment or systems that require a lengthy assembly and installation process. For example, computers, telephones. It is convenient to move them to the new office as soon as possible so that the technical team can advance their installation.

Have an inventory

The home gas supply service is not available throughout Italy, and there are many gas companies in Italy. They may even be municipal, but generally there is one per province.

The moving service provides you with some advice:

However, given that the procedures for taking over and renewing contracts vary greatly from situation to situation, it is necessary to inquire directly with the gas company that will provide the service.

What needs to be done (usually)?

In the case of a new connection for a house, you usually have to go to the company that supplies the gas, bringing a bill or a copy of a contract signed with another service (telephone, electricity, etc.). If you do not have any bills or contracts yet, you can submit a self-certification.

If, on the other hand, you take over an existing contract, you must bring the notice of termination (the “cancellation”) of the previous customer and the presentation of an identity document; for the rest, the above information applies.

Please note

If you do not go in person, you must prepare a written proxy to the person in charge and a photocopy of your identity document.