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Nordic Hygge lighting for your interiors!

There are different types of lighting fixtures around the globe, and different types of aesthetic and interior styles. However, one such style which has been capturing the imagination of people all over the world for its simplicity yet beauty is the Nordic style of aesthetics. People are beginning to move away from the traditionally crowded interior appearances and are switching to the clean and vibrant look of Scandinavian interiors. Nordic style lighting has become one of the most sought-after interior designs because of its minimal and clean design. Not only are the designs extremely beautiful, but they are also timeless and likely to withstand changing trends in the world of interior decoration.

A description of the lights

Scandinavian lights, Simply put are those light switches that have a Nordic design or a Scandinavian design. They often have clean, minimal designs with clear construction and are dimmable. Scandinavian-style lights are extremely natural and feel closer to natural lighting rather than artificial lights or neon lights.

One of the interesting things about Nordic lighting is that hygge lighting tends to be minimal in nature. Nordic designs typically are not excessive, and instead focus on natural inflows and outflows of light, and utilise natural lighting to augment artificial lighting within rooms. This not only helps save on electricity bills but also provides an extremely clear and natural appearance to the room that is being decorated. Therefore, there has been a global shift towards Scandinavian lighting, because of its immensely natural and beautiful designs.

Importance of functionality

One of the most important features of Scandinavian lighting is the focus on functionality. Comparing lighting that is available in the hall and bedrooms, versus lighting for bathrooms and kitchens, one will observe under the Scandinavian style that the bathrooms and kitchens tend to have brighter light fixtures compared to those light fixtures installed in the living room and bedrooms. The design also tends to be extremely minimal, while remaining classy.

Easy to clean

While purchasing light fixtures, it is important to remember that most of these light fixtures, while not permanent in nature, can often be extremely difficult to uninstall and clean. Therefore, it is important to choose the right lights for your home, depending on how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate towards the upkeep of the light fixtures. Nordic light fixtures, due to the minimal and clean designs tend to be extremely easy to clean and do not collect a lot of dust.

LED integrated technology

With the advent of modern technology, all of our lives have completely changed, and the space of home decoration and interiors is no different. Nordic fixtures can be integrated with LED lighting and other types of smart applications to provide controllable and changeable lighting with the click of a button.

Due to all of these reasons, modern designs and solutions such as Nordic lighting have become extremely popular, have emerged as a competitive and interesting alternative to traditional sources of lighting, and tend to be long-lasting as well.