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While the bathroom or kitchen is often the most preferred and profitable home renovations, optimizing your home’s functionality should be high on your list of renovations.

No matter how beautiful a kitchen is, if the pipes are malfunctioning and moisture gets into the room, you may have to start all over again. In the same vein, improving thermal and sound insulation or even waterproofing will significantly increase the comfort of your home. Thus, the general condition of your home should come before its aesthetic appearance.

Don’t overestimate your abilities

If you are confident in your renovation knowledge and have the right materials, capabilities, and time, you can save money by doing some work. However, you may be quickly overwhelmed if the work exceeds your skills. Beginner’s mistakes can end up being very expensive to fix.

In addition, some work requires specific licenses such as electricity for example. It is therefore often wiser to call on experts in their field to ensure that renovations go smoothly. After all, to each his own.


Enhance the quality / price ratio for the renovation project

Homeowners who are ready to renovate often have a goal of saving money. Shopping around for materials and experts before committing is a great initiative and, with the environment being very competitive, it is often possible to find what you are looking for at a lower cost. However, this should not come at the expense of quality.

Poor quality materials and incompetent experts will cost you more in the end and can even put your safety at risk. So, rather than looking for the lowest prices, prioritize the quality / price ratio.

Anticipate the unexpected

Even if it is impossible to predict certain complications, be aware that more than one in two renovations costs more in the end! So allow for a margin of at least 10% in your budget to finance any setbacks. If nothing goes wrong, you can use this money to fund other projects or just keep it.

To learn more about the renovation budget, see this article:

How to establish a realistic renovation budget?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the budget! If you take the trouble to do it in advance, it is not to forget its existence from the start of the work. Many are adding a host of things during renovations: a faucet here, hardwood there, a few extra cabinets.


All these “little details” quickly drive up the bill. For tight budgets, stick to the amounts you set out as much as possible. At worst, if you really feel like adding something, re-do your math beforehand to make sure you can afford the expense. 

A renovation should not push you into a financial crisis. Now that more and more professionals are working on this matter, you can get the best solutions within your budget. There is certain specific consideration that you will have to do when it comes to the right renovation solutions. This is where the professionals come up with their perfect solutions.

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