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Signs You Picked the Wrong Custom House Builder in Oakville

Building you own home is a dream of every person. It is an exciting journey but it can also be very stressful. Following are the sign that will indicate that you hired a wrong custom builder in Oakville.

  • Avoiding Providence of Testimonials and Referrals:

One of the first sign that indicates that you have hired the custom home builder is that they won’t provide you any testimonials or referrals. This indicates that they didn’t have any satisfied clients in the past, because an experienced and a well-established custom home builder in Oakville will be happy to provide you with all the testimonials and referrals from their previous satisfied clients.

  • Rushing the Project:

Another sign is that they will always try to rush things along.  It is not a bad deal if a contractor doesn’t let the process lag. But if there is too much haste then it is surely to result in an unsatisfactory final home, or important steps will be skipped during construction.

  • Neglecting Permits:

If the contractor is loose with the permits, then it surely raises a red flag that you have picked a wrong custom home builder in Oakville. Making sure that everything is up to code can be very hectic. But in the end all you want is that your contractor has all the permits. Otherwise it will backfire on you if the contractor is loose with permits. You could be fined, forced to remove the structure, or even have trouble selling the home down the road. To know more visit here.

  • Facing Financial Difficulties:

If the contractor is always having problem with the money it means that he is a wrong custom home builder in Oakville. You want your money to be handled in a professional manner. If a bid is suspiciously low or a contractor as for a massive down payment or insists that all payments should be made on cash, then it indicates that he is not the right person for this job.

  • No Track Online:

Always keep in mind that all the well-established and reliable custom home builders in Oakville have their website. If there is no trace of them online, then it could be a red flag. This means that they have no record to show regarding their past project because all other contractors upload their previous project for people to look at.

  • Negligence to Consulting Customers:

If a contractor makes decision without consulting you and every time you complain he says things like “you will love it” and “trust me”, then it is not a good sign. As you being the client, you want everything to be according to your orders not anyone else.

  • Lacking Communication:

Lack of communication between you and the contractor indicates that you hired a wrong custom home builder in Oakville. Since you are spending so much time and money on this project and you trusted the contractor with this project. This means that your questions should be answered as you are the one investing. Lack of communication can cause serious issues and misunderstanding throughout the building process.

  • Low Standard Quality:

Low quality work also indicates a red flag. If the workers are always late and the project is lacking behind this means that the contractor is not serious in his work. Also if the materials used by contractor are of low quality even when you are paying good money, then it means that your money wasn’t utilized to its potential and you have hired a wrong custom home builder in Oakville.

  • OHBA Recognition:

Another sign to keep in mind is that to make sure whether your custom home builder in Oakville is associated with the Ontario Home Builder Association (OHBA). If they are not associated with the OHBA this means that they are not recognized by the state, because being a member of such association shows that you are involved in the home building business and are an accredited business.