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Simple Tips That Will Help You Clean Your Home Fast

Walking home to an immaculately clean house gives a sense of peace. This list will help you handle the dirt, scraps, and junk in your home.

Dust off

Get all of the dust off from your ceiling down to the floor. Using a vacuum to suck all the residue makes it easier for the follow-up rag to wipe the surfaces that you intend to clean.

Clean the corners

Using a ceiling broom, clean the edges of your ceiling, and work your way down. Include the vents, top of the curtain rod, and frame of your doors when cleaning. Work from top to bottom and from one wall to another. If it helps for you to wipe from left to right, that’s a valuable technique to make sure you’re not missing any spot.

The windows

Wash and replace the curtains if you see fit. Depending on the type of windows you have, you can use a brush or rag to clean them. An excellent solution to use is 20% of your preferred soap and 80% warm water. The brush should not be so small that it will take you forever to finish. And it shouldn’t be so big that it won’t fit the spaces between your blinds if you have any. You can use a vacuum to help keep them dust-free.

Behind the TV

When you reach the TV screen, make sure you wash the dirt that has accumulated behind it. You can use the same solution you used for the windows or your favorite cleaning spray.

Inside of the cabinets and counters

Make sure you clean what’s beneath the surface, still using a dry rag and vacuum. Finish it off with a gentle polishing solution. Go through the nooks and the crannies of your cabinets and list the items you need to discard.

Make an inventory

While going through every corner and space, take the time to take an inventory. List the items you will no longer need and any other trash that has accumulated since you last cleaned your home. Check for any electrical issues or any broken appliance. Change any light bulbs that need replacing. Sort any expired food and medicine too. Bigger and heavier items are more tedious to dispose of while hazardous waste requires proper disposal. Get the help of a company offering junk removal in Washington DC to help you safely dispose of all sorts of trash from your home.

Carpet and Couch

Up the comfort level of your home by vacuuming your carpet and couch. Wood and metal materials on your sofa will need to be wiped down using a rag.


Mop the non-carpeted areas of the floor. This is the last section of your top to bottom clean-up.

The right technique and tools can make cleaning more comfortable and more enjoyable for you. Clean regularly, and clean smart. A tidy home is always good for your well-being.