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Tenancy and the Best rents for You

The most common uses of a security are tenants’ arrears or situations where the tenant damages the apartment. The use of security varies by security.The rent security is intended to maintain its value throughout the tenancy. Thus, non-payment of rent in a situation where the landlord has a security does not prevent the landlord from paying the outstanding rent. Rent arrears can also be used as a basis for demolition, even if they could be covered by security.

Return of security

Even in a fully undisturbed tenancy, the security should only be returned after the tenancy has ended. The security deposit is intended to cover not only the arrears but also any damage caused to the apartment by the tenant. Usually, the damage does not become apparent until the tenant has moved out. Therefore, the security should only be released once the apartment has been inspected and found to be in conformity with the contract. The security should not be used to pay rent in recent months.

If the final inspection establishes that the apartment is in perfect condition and that there is no need for security, the security must be returned to the tenant without delay. The inspection should also be carried out as soon as possible after the end of the lease.

Rent raise

The rent increase clause should be included in the contract whenever it is legally possible. This ensures that the rent follows the general cost level development. If the contract does not include a tenancy check clause, the landlord may not unilaterally increase the rent. In such cases, rent increases should always be negotiated separately. If no agreement is reached on the new lease, the landlord ultimately has the right to terminate the agreement. There is, of course, no right of termination in a fixed-term contract. The rent can only be checked after the deadline. Now with more info  you can have the smartest options available.

The increase of the rent Condition

The rent increase clause may be included in any contract of indefinite duration. Unlike in the past, a fixed-term lease term of up to three years can now be included.There are several options for raising the rent. First, rent can be tied to an index. The most commonly used is the consumer price index, which describes the general development of the cost level and thus provides inflation protection for rentals.

Index Condition

When using an index term, the contract specifies the index to which the lease will be tied. The index and the raise then go hand in hand.Statistics Finland publishes a monthly CPI score. The score for the previous calendar month will be published mid-next month.

You will find Statistics publication, which contains the latest scores for the Cost of Living and Consumer Price Index and the annual change in the Consumer Price Index.The date of the rent increases, ie the date of revision, shall be recorded in the contract. Usually the rent is increased once a year, but shorter periods can be agreed. The revision index is the last known score at the time of revision. Rent increases must be notified by registered letter before the increase becomes effective.