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The Best Art of Interior Designing That You Can Experience Now

A large work of art can give your interior appearance and atmosphere, but if you do not do it properly despite the Interior Protection, it will quickly become messy and crammed. In this article five tips to give a large painting a nice place in your interior, based on tips from professional interior designers.


This interior designer is quite busy, but because the elements are well coordinated it is not messy. A large poster hangs above the sofa, and the plant next to the sofa repeats the image of the poster, as it were. This makes the whole look calm.

Choose your palette

The natural interior was designed. The artwork is large and distinct, but the colors match the rest of the interior very well: the colors of the furniture, the floor and even the curtains are coordinated. Also with this artwork you see picture rhyme, just like in the photo above. The shiny brown face of the girl in the painting rhymes with the shiny brown flower pot next to the sofa.


A large work of art attracts attention, so try to place as few other objects as possible that attract attention. We often have the tendency to fill our windowsills and cabinets as much as possible, but an empty surface is often even more beautiful. In the photo above you see an interior Design where, except for the large painting and some pillows, there are almost no decorations in the entire room. In case of the HDB interior design this is important.

A calm image

If you want to hang a work of art in a room that is a bit busier, such as the kitchen where all kinds of equipment and items are often placed, you would do well to choose a calm image such as the photo above.

Less is more

Especially in the bedroom, less is more . Your bedroom is meant for sleeping, so it’s actually better off without decorations. If you would still like a painting or work of art in your bedroom, hang it against the side wall, or put the painting in a nice frame on the floor, as in the photo above (design by CS Interior Architect).

In the fall and winter, lighting is even more important than usual. It provides an abundance of light in the dark period. But lamps are also real atmosphere creators in the house. Are you curious about the latest trends in lighting? In this article we discuss all popular designs, materials, colors and sizes – specifically aimed at the versatile pendant lamp.

Large hanging lamp as an eye-catcher

The first trend can be applied to any interior style. It is not about the look of the lamp, but the size. The bigger the better. It’s time to make a statement with your new pendant lamp. Such a large hanging lamp is especially good above the dining table or in the hall. Click here to view the wide range of hanging lamps. On this website you can get a lot of inspiration and immediately put your favorite lamp in the digital shopping basket.