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The Different Types of Telehandler Use?

Telehandlers are one of the most important tools on a site or in a place of work where there is a regular need for materials and equipment to be lifted. They are designed to help the operator save time, to move items safely and securely, and to improve the levels of efficiency on site. If you work in construction, engineering, or in a warehouse location as part of the manufacturing and production sector, the likelihood is that you’ll need access to telehandlers on a regular basis. One of the best ways to ensure you are using the best telehandlers around, to the safest and most efficient standards, is to seek out telehandler hire from a reputable plant hire company in the UK.

The great benefits of having telehandlers on site make them one of the most popular machines around, and they can often be found listed as telescopic handlers, boom lifts, or teleports. Wherever there is a need to move items and materials from one location to another on site, where there is height and danger involved, a telehandler can do the business quickly, safely, and efficiently. In certain workplaces, such as warehouses where efficiency is key, this is an important tool to have at your disposal.

What jobs can you expect a telehandler to perform?

Telehandlers are perfect within a wide range of working environments, and you often see them in use within warehouses and distribution centres, on construction sites and within agricultural settings. When you consider the addition of attachments to a telehandler, this opens up the horizon and brings a whole new world of possibilities in terms of available tasks and performance capabilities when you use a telehandler on site.

In many settings you’ll see telehandlers used to move pallets from inside trailers and onto raised areas within a warehouse, or onto the top of rooftops. Telehandlers are often assigned to work at height tasks as they provide a safe way to move items at height, as opposed to manually moving items that could be cumbersome, heavy, and cause injury or fatalities if the worst happens during the task.

Within agriculture you often see telehandlers used with a bucket or a grab attachment. This helps to reach high-sided trailers and the highest points in barns and other storage facilities on site. Telehandlers can be stabilised quite easily, making them the perfect fit for agricultural and construction projects where land might be uneven and unstable during large parts of a project.

There are also different types of telehandlers, each with a different specification and optimal use on site. Speak with your plant hire company about the different requirements of your site and project, the tasks that you need assistance with from a telehandler. With that information they can help you choose the right telehandler for your specific needs and make sure that you always have the right equipment on site when you need it. With the latest, safest models of telehandler hire available, you can ensure high safety standards in your warehouse, construction site, or agricultural setting.