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The open kitchen, free storage and built-in appliances: latest kitchen design

The trend has long been to open your kitchen to the living room, but it is in the process of being reversed, or rather transforming. Because where we previously sought to blend it into the living room, we are now trying to delimit the spaces, by adding a central island, a bar or simply a dining table. Open kitchens continue to appeal, especially in homes where space is limited. But the tendency would be rather to light re-compartmentalization. This can also be seen in the success of the glass roofs, which create a little privacy without completely separating the rooms.

Storage is on the wall in the kitchen

If the trend to optimize kitchen storage is nothing new, it remains more relevant than ever. Increasingly tall furniture with even more spacious interior volumes appeared on the market when the worktops are now placed 10 cm higher than before to free up more space in the low furniture. Another trend is the appearance of retractable hoods hidden behind the cooking station, which free up space in the upper part. Finally, there are also more and more accessories integrated into the work plan. In short, everything is planned for a perfect balance between comfort and functionality. If having a beautiful kitchen décor is what you want, it is time to contact the best HDB interior design professional.

Built-in appliances are becoming a priority in the kitchen

Nothing exceeds in the kitchen, that’s roughly the major idea to follow. If the decoration is exposed more and more, the household appliances play the card of discretion. Refrigerator, oven and dishwasher fit together brilliantly so as not to distort the decor. The kitchen thus plays the card of harmony in the smallest details thanks to scrupulously expert kitchen designers to imagine kitchen equipment more and more design and discreet. What does this have to do with household appliances? Well, this one is likely to slip just above an oven, ultra clever.

Kitchen cabinet handles become minimalist

No need to remind you how much in decoration, it’s not all a question of details … highly meticulous! Among them, in the kitchen, we find the kitchen door handles. It doesn’t seem like much, it could remain a detail and yet it is the icing on the cake. The door handle is everywhere; it emphasizes the identity of the room as much as the color of the furniture. Door knobs, designer or completely minimalist door handles, leather or shell-shaped handles: there are many possibilities to renovate your kitchen at a low price. They can be found both with kitchen designers and brands.

Green cooking becomes a necessity

In the kitchen, there are many ways to act ecologically. If technology allows appliances classified A +++ to limit their energy consumption the most, we are also witnessing a return of wood-burning stoves which allow small dishes to simmer while heating their homes. For water, thrifty dishwashers will limit the volumes. Finally, to avoid food waste, a better organized kitchen, with optimized storage, or even a connected refrigerator allow you to better manage your food on a daily basis.