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The Top Signs You Need Siding Repair

You see it every day, but when you begin thinking about home improvements, siding doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Even if the siding has not made your home improvement plan in the past, you shouldn’t ignore it if it is damaged.

When it comes to siding Somerset KY, getting to know the signs of a problem is essential. Keep reading to learn some of the top signs of siding damage here.

Rotting, Warped, or Cracked Siding

These are the most obvious signs that your siding is damaged and needs attention. Take time to walk around your entire home and inspect the siding visually. Even if you see smaller cracks, it may mean a bigger problem. You should also poke at the layer under the siding. Is it solid, or does it feel spongy? If there is rot under the warped or cracked siding, it is best to call a professional for repairs, representing a more serious problem.

Bubbles or Blisters on the Siding

If you see blisters or any type of bubbling forming under the siding’s surface, don’t ignore it. This is a serious red flag. If there are blisters or bubbles, it is a sign that water is trapped inside the siding. It is also a sign of a moisture issue. Because siding is designed to prevent moisture from getting into your home, it is an indication that the siding is no longer able to do its job properly.

When it comes to issues with your siding, you should not ignore these problems. As time passes, they will get worse and cause even more issues down the road. By scheduling repairs as soon as a problem is seen, you can prevent more issues and feel confident that the siding will be repaired and provide the level of protection you want and need.