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Real Estate

Tips for Success in Real Estate Development

Real estate developers are individuals or companies that purchase land and develop it into residential or commercial buildings. These professionals may also modify or improve existing buildings. Their business is highly profitable, but it is also very risky. Before searching “real estate development New Orleans LA,” consider a few tips.

Build Your Team

Although you need to gain knowledge, you don’t have to know everything about development, from finding and purchasing the property to building and selling your construction projects. You should develop a comprehensive team of professionals in each area, including real estate agents and mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, architects and reliable construction crews. You may need to duplicate some or all of these team members if you plan to develop properties in different cities and states.

Gain Knowledge

Your first step should always be gaining knowledge. Property development is significantly different than purchasing or selling residential and commercial real estate. You need knowledge of local laws and finance, but you also should also know and have experience in construction management. You may even pursue education in urban planning.

You can pursue college or upper-level degrees in these areas, or you can get a real estate license and work with a real estate or development business to gain experience. Also, consider joining commercial development associations. Commercial real estate developers often make higher returns on their investments, but gain experience in the type of development you want to pursue. Learn about your target market.

Be Prepared

Real estate development investments take time to pay off. Make sure you have enough money and resources available to get to the point where you can sell or lease your structures.

Develop back-up plans for properties. For example, if you need a zoning change on a piece of property, develop two plans: one if the zoning is approved and one if it is not. You will save time and money by developing contingencies.

Get all your partnership and contractor agreements in writing. Make sure they are clear and concise.

Consider working with a development consultant while you build your development portfolio.