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Transfer Your Kitchen from Boring to Fun and Beautiful by Installing Granite Countertops

Are you thinking about installing new countertops for your kitchen? There are high chances for granite to top the list of many. It has been a popular choice for kitchens since decades. The top reason granite continues to rule the market is because of its beauty. Granite emits a sense of luxury and is seen as an investment.

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Why granites are the top-choice for kitchens?

  • Increase the value of your kitchen: Incorporating an eco-friendly element like granite inside your home leaves your kitchen looking appealing. Though it won’t directly impact your home’s resale value, it is bound to attract potential buyers when you put your home for sale.
  • Stands wear and tear: Kitchens are susceptible to heavy traffic. It is a durable material to be used on kitchen countertops. It doesn’t chip easily and is resistant to scratches. When a sealer is applied post-installation, the life of granite is extended.
  • Resist dirt and bacteria: Kitchen has the potential to become a warehouse of dirt and bacteria. Sealed granites are non-porous thus preventing dirt and bacteria from seeping in. The sealed surface makes cleaning messy surfaces a breeze and keeps stains away.
  • Easy to fix when damaged: What if a cast iron pot crashes on your granite countertop leaving behind an unsightly chip? Contact the professional who installed your granite countertop. He would use putty that matches with your granite’s color and reseal the surface.
  • Family-friendly material: You family may comprise of over-enthusiastic kids who love to help you in the kitchen whose tiny hands at work are prone to spilling or they may be elders who would place a hot pan directly over the countertop (It is heat-resistant). Your pet cat may have the habit of jumping on your countertop. With granites you cut down the occurrence of scratches.
  • Add to the functionality: Granites have a flat surface perfectly ideal for rolling out dough or bread. The flat surface of your granite countertops makes the rolling easier. Granites upgrade your cooking experience.

Though granites are quite extensive, they are worth every penny spent and beneficial in the long-run. They are not exactly an expensive purchase. Granites are an investment.