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Two Reasons the Cold Doesn’t Scare Away Pests

Ants, roaches, wasps, spiders, bed bugs, and mosquitoes are annoying summer pests you will never want to have in your home. However, while some pests can become dormant in winter, others can increase their activity in the cold. For example, bed bug activity tends to reduce during winter. However, there are winter pests that can invade your home. Because of this, you must consider local Pest Control no matter the season. Keep reading to know why the cold months can increase your home’s risk of pest infestations:

Pests Can Still Comfortably Live in Your Walls in the Cold Weather

When the cold months arrive, a lot of homeowners think that pests are no longer an issue. Others assume that they don’t have to look for a pest control service during this time of the year, thinking that the majority of pests hibernate. Although this is true for some species, rodents and bugs will look for shelter, which can be your house, in winter. 

Once they invade your property, they usually prefer to stay in a woodpile near your house. Split logs can house ants, beetles, wood borders, and rats. To prevent bugs from entering your house, move any woodpile away from your house and bring it inside only when you want to burn it. 

However, there are more bugs than those in firewood you may deal with in the cold months. In fact, fall is the mating season for spiders. Also, ants swarm toward warm locations in groups and the drop in temperatures can cause stinging insects to become more aggressive. All of these facts mean that pests will search for shelter when the coldest time of the year sets in. A close shelter can be your house and you could end up dealing with aggressive pests inside your home. 

It Takes Just Small Holes for Rodents to Enter Your House

During winter, you may come across rats in your kitchen or any part of your house. It takes just small holes for rodents to get into your house. 

As you take your property into account, think of the tiny crevasses that might allow entry to all sorts of pests like utility pipe openings, dryer vents, unvented chimneys, and damaged screens. Plus, your home can be subjected to additional structural damage in winter. Because of ice dams, your shingles can loosen, opening gaps. In addition, rodents can crawl into your attic through untrimmed trees.