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Types of Natural Stones for Crafts

  • Gemstones: These are those stones with priceless value, such as diamonds, ruby ​​, and emeralds.
  • Semi-precious stones: These are less valuable than precious ones, such as turquoise, aquamarine, and opal.
  • Ornamental stones are those used in jewelry and other crafts, such as coral, pumice, and faceting.
  • Stones for construction: These are those stones used in civil construction, such as sand, cement, and crushed stone.
  • Gardening stones: These are used in the landscape, such as decorative rocks, gravel stones, and border stones.
  • Volcanic stones: These are stones formed from volcanic activity, such as basalt, granite, and obsidian.
  • Sedimentary stones: These stones formed from the deposition of sediments, such as limestone, sandstone, and clay.
  • Metamorphic stones: These have changed their interior due to pressure and temperature, such as marble, quartzite, and schist.
  • Radioactive stones: These are stones that emit natural radiations, such as uranium, thorium, and cobalt.
  • Fossil stones: These are stones that contain fossils of ancient plants and animals, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Learn about What Is Bluestone in Landscaping for you home.

How to choose the type of natural stone for cladding?

There are many types of natural stone in stone centers for cladding, and the six we have listed above are versatile, modern, and current options for your home. All this without leaving sophistication and elegance aside. To choose the type of wall covered with natural stones for your home, you need to keep in mind your style and the decoration pattern (or want to adopt) for the house as a whole. For example, in the bathroom and kitchen, remember to think of cabinets and countertops that align with the flooring style.


Pebble is the name given to stones with a smooth surface and rounded shape. These characteristics are acquired by contact with the river water, from where they are collected. Currently, it is possible to develop pebbles artificially in industries. This type of stone began to gain space as a natural external coating and has now become a trend increasingly used in the most diverse external environments, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and even the dining room.


Onyx, a semi-precious variety of quartz, is a pure luxury when used indoors. In addition, many believe it brings energy protection and security and is considered the crystal of protection. Others say it channels energies to achieve goals, being called the stone of power. True onyx is available in the market only in white and black. However, its variants – Carnelian and sardonic onyx – have white and red stripes and white and brown stripes, respectively, and are closer in appearance to marble. Less common varieties of natural – or artificially produced – onyx can be greyish, bluish, greenish, or yellowish.

If you want a sophisticated home, you can invest in walls lined with this natural stone. However, be careful not to weigh it in your hand! Talk to an architect to learn how to combine with other pieces, such as countertops, furniture, and decoration objects, without leaving the environment visually stressful and polluted.