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Weather-Related Roof Concerns in Jacksonville

Florida is indeed the sunshine state. Even so, occasional bad weather can cause considerable concerns. In fact, some of these concerns relate to the health of your roof.

Fortunately, you have some control over this. Be sure to check into roof repair services Jacksonville FL.

Roof-Concerning Weather Events in Jacksonville

Three main types of weather events can imperil your roof in the greater Jacksonville ares. These are tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and intense frontal systems.

  • Tropical Events: Both tropical storms and hurricanesaffect all of Florida and can bring severe winds and drenching rain. Hurricane Matthew affected the Jacksonville area in 2016 as did Hurricane Irma in 2017.
  • Frontal Systems: In the colder months of the year, particularly in early spring, the passage of cold fronts coming down from the north can bring high winds. For example, several powerful squall lines, some with hail, affected the Jacksonville area in 2020.
  • Tornadoes: Some frontal systems can bring tornadoes into play. For example, theChristmas Eve tornado outbreak bought high winds and structural damage to the Jacksonville area.

Look Out for these Indicators of Roof Damage

In some cases, roof damage will be obvious after a severe weather event. Sometimes, however, the evidence of roof damage may be more difficult to detect.

Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Out of place metal flashing
  • Missing shingles
  • Gutter issues, especially those that appear after strong winds
  • Shingles on the lawn around the structure
  • Any new leakage from the roof or ceilings

What To Do If Your Roof Becomes Damaged By a Weather Event

Make sure you contact a professional when roof issues arise. Steer clear of “storm chasers” who will likely rip you off. Make sure that anyone who looks at or is stepping on the roof is certified. Be sure to check references!