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What Does Berkey Water Filter Remove?


Berkey water filter system is one of the most impressive water systems around and for good reasons too. They come in different ranges which all function in an identical manner although there are little differences in their uses.

Unlike the other forms of filters which need to be connected to the house plumbing system, these filters are uniquely independent and have their standing units which let them stay on top of your kitchen countertop to fill them with tap water.

What Are The Of Berkey Water Filter Benefits?

The benefits of these water filters include:

  • They are portable.
  • They do not require any complex installation process.
  • They are easy to clean, thus easy to maintain.
  • They do not require you putting holes on your countertop.
  • They produce clean water, free from contaminants.
  • They have a great and appealing design.


How Does It Work?

There are a total of 2 filters in the Berkey water filter system range. The black filter usually comes with every model, making it an essential. It also provides options for friends Fluoride and arsenic filters.

The black filter can remove mercury, lead as well as other heavy metals from water. This filter also lasts an impressive 3000 gallons per lifespan, making it a cost-effective investment.

The Fluoride and Arsenic filter can also be used with it. One of the reasons these filters are impressive is their ability to remove these compounds which are hard to separate from water. There are usually only 3 ways of removing fluoride from water and this filter uses the most productive of all, Activated Alumina.

What Else Can It Handle?

Another great thing about this water filter is that it is compatible with any kind of water. It could be water from stagnant ponds, lakes, wells or the tap, these models get rid of all contaminants. This filter can take care of both treated and untreated water. This makes it a great companion for camping and since it’s portable, it gives you the opportunity of drinking safe water.

However, it is best to know that saltwater cannot be filtered with the Berkey Water Filter as it corrodes the elements present in the filter.

What Can It Remove?

Berkey Filter Systems can remove or reduce pathogenic bacteria significantly. Here are a few things it can remove :

  • Inorganic materials like chlorine.
  • Heavy metals.
  • Sediments and Rust.
  • Volatile organic compounds.
  • Unpleasant odor and tastes.

The fluoride and arsenic filter can remove:

  • Heavy metals.
  • Pre-oxidized arsenic III and IV.

It also doesn’t remove any beneficial material which can be found in water. This way it provides you with the best pollutant-free and healthy water.

How Can It Be Maintained?

As mentioned above, they are low maintenance amongst other things and changing of the filter can be done easily. Since they last a long time, that wouldn’t be as often.

The black filter can last for years but they also get clogged up when due and this can reduce the rate of water flow in the system. It can be cleaned easily with the use of a dish scrubber to clean the outer layer of the filter. This is enough to get the water flowing properly but if it doesn’t, It might need to be changed.

It is recommended to check how effective a filter is towards the end of its lifespan. This is because there is usually no indicator to suggest when you need to get a new filter, tests help you know better.

Red food coloring test is a good way to go about it as if the color passes through, then you know it’s time to buy a new filter. But if it doesn’t, then you can continue using your filter for a little more time. So you can check continuously once in two to three months.


Getting the right Berkey water filter system allows you to drink clean and clear water wherever you are. They are also portable and easy to maintain. They work electric free and can be placed just on your kitchen countertops without fear of having to open holes in them. You can get these filter at So why not give it a try today?.