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What is a Rooter Service?

While the term “rooter” used to mainly refer to a tree blocking the drain system or creating some other kind of issue in your drain system, modern day rooter issues cover a lot more things.

Anything that interferes with the overall functioning of your home’s sewer or drains is now fixed by a professional rooter service. It includes debris and corrosion buildup as well.

Understanding a Rooter Service in Detail

A rooter service is basically a more sophisticated and specific form of plumbing repair. Every method that is used for cleaning drains or repairing pipes can be called a part of a rooting service.

A rooter service is typically a plumbing service that used a variety of tools and equipment to repair different parts of the drain system and repair water pipes.

As for your curiosity about the weirdness of the name, the biggest culprit back in the day for clogging issues and damages to the water pipe system used to be tree roots, and that is how services that fixed those issues came to be known as “rooter” services.

However, as we said above, it now covers pretty much everything that involves a stubborn sewer line or clogging issues that affect your home’s plumbing system in some or the other way.

When Do You Need a Rooter Service?

Hiring a rooter service can turn out to be a very important thing to do when your plumbing system encounters some problems due to the above issues. This also includes clogging issues as well as a slow drain.

Clogging in any area of your home’s drain system can affect the functioning of your plumbing system. However, the range of their impact depends on the type and location of the clogging.

Either way, it’s not something any plumber can do safely and in the right way, let alone trying to fix it yourself. After all, if something goes wrong, you may end up looking at a much and more expensive problem, not to mention having to deal with hygiene issues for a longer duration.

You need a rooter service when:

  • One of the drains inside your home isn’t functioning well, but it’s only affecting the fixture connected to it at the shortest distance
  • You’re dealing with a larger clogging issue that may be blocking your home’s sewer line, which may mean a more widespread drain issue
  • Debris buildup and other minor issues that are leading to an annoying situation like appliances like washing machine backing up or an overflowing toilet

Finally, it’s important to hire a service that’s both experienced and insured, as with anyone that isn’t you run a great risk if something has to go majorly wrong during the repair process.