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What Is Rotisserie? Buy Ronco Rotisserie For Best Cooking Experience

Rotisserie is popularly known as spit-roasting. It is s style of cooking meat on a spit. This process involves skewering the meat using a long rod that is used to hold the food while it is getting cooked over a fire in a fireplace or campfire or bonfire, or roasted in an oven.

This cooking process involves a huge amount of food. The method is used for cooking large portions of meat, sometimes, an entire animal. It is used to cook pigs, turkey, chicken, buffalo and more. This kind of cooking allows the juices of the meat to enhance the flavor and add its own essence.

How it started?

In earlier times, cooking was generally done to feed an entire household. A servant boy sat next to the spit and took the task of turning the meat so that it got cooked evenly.  The person cooking the meat was known as the ‘spit boy.’ In olden times, the setup was manually prepared every time the cooking had to be done. Now though, rotisserie cooking is mostly driven by electronic motors and equipments.

What is a Rotisserie dish?

Rotisserie dish is a non-vegetarian dish that is prepared on a rotisserie. The use of direct heat by placing the meat right over the heat source cooks the meat until its tender inside. Today, electric and gas-powered rotisserie enables the cook to adjust the heating temperatures according to the portion of the meat. Leftover dishes can also be used in various other dishes, for example soup, salads, and sandwiches.

Traditionally there were two kinds of rotisserie.

  • Horizontal rotisserie
  • Vertical rotisserie

In the horizontal rotisserie the meat was cooked by placing it over the heating source horizontally on an open grill. This was more like a conventional style cooking. The cooking is far more balanced and allows balanced cooking of the meat from all sides.

In vertical rotisserie cooking, the meat is cooked from applying heat from the side in a vertical positioning of the rod. This kind of method is less common and mostly used in Turkey, Greece and Middle Eastern world, as well as in some parts of Mexico.

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