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What Is Skip Bin And How Is It Useful In Rubbish Removal And Waste Recycling?

You may have heard of the word “Skip Bin”. In this article, we will have a detailed overview of Skip Bins, its uses and other aspects related to this equipment.  A Skip bin is a massive container made of metal and it is used to remove large quantities of rubbish. Hence the Rubbish removal is the key function of the Skip Bins.

The container we are talking about should be made of very heavy metal as the prime use of this container is the removal of hard and heavy materials. The materials that are removed include rock, concrete, bricks and rumble. The flimsier containers may get deformed or destroyed by these above mentioned materials.

The major use of skip bins is to create rubbish from the projects like renovation of the buildings that create huge quantities of waste. Here, the Skip bins are specifically used to hold the waste or rubbish as the waste is of the kind that cannot be placed in regular municipal bins and the second aspect is that the quantity of waste is also large. Skip Bin is also an equipment of Home Improvement.

Key Features of Skip Bins

The Skip Bins are known to have a distinct shape. The longitudinal cross-section of these Newcastle Skip Bins are in the shape of trapezoids which look like sitting one on the top of the other. There is a smaller edge for lower trapezoid at the bottom and at the top there is a larger edge. For the upper trapezoid, there is a larger edge at the bottom and there is a smaller edge at the top.

At the ends of the Skip bins, there are sloping walls. There are two lugs on the sides of the bins which are used to attach the chains. Using these chains these heavy skip bins are lifted and are transported to the desired places. They are transported using heavy vehicles like Trucks to different places.

Uses of Skip Bins

The Skip Bins are usually used to remove the wastes at different places. The Skip Bins at many places are operated by Skip Bin Hire operators, which offer the services of Waste Removal. Open Topped loads of waste are usually held by Skip Bins. In the projects like renovation, demolition and construction, the Skip Bins are intensely used as they are very easy to fill and hold the scrape.

Along with waste storage, the Skip Bins are also used for clearing out or cleaning activities at various commercial, residential and industrial properties.  From the industry point of view the Skip Bins are ideal for scrape removal from factories and industries.


Thus, we have seen in detail, the different aspects related to Skip Bins. They are the best equipment for waste removal, and using them waste recycling can also be performed easily. To get more information about this equipment, you can do a thorough research on the internet. There are many big companies, which are in the field of manufacturing these Skip Bins.