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What is the best off-grid water system

It is not enough to have a water filtration system in your home, but you need good quality water security at every time and everywhere you go. Off-grid water filters can mean a lot of difference in water security. Good quality water is an element of a survival kit that should not be dependent on electricity.

Filtering water off-grid means you do not rely on electricity, pressure, or, gas to have access to drinkable water. An off-grid water filtration system is such that it can produce clean and purified water without electricity. An off-grid water filtration system can make a difference in your electrical expenses and it can help you have a peaceful mind, knowing that you have uninterrupted access to water.

An off-grid water filtration system is a survival measure in a case whereby you are out of your home or a place where there is no access to electricity. Remember that drinking poor quality water is not an option because the consequence of drinking bad water is more severe than not having water to drink at all.

Advantages of Off-grid water system

At every place where survival is paramount, it is equally important that there is an off-grid water system. No matter where you live or where you wake up to find yourself one morning, you don’t have to be in distress about getting pure and healthy water to drink and use on your skin. You can always trust the off-grid water filtration system by Berkey to provide you with pure and healthy water.

An off-grid water filtration system can improve our chances of survival. It narrows the dependence on getting clean and safe water for drinking. About 15% of homes in the US use an off-grid water filtration system without waiting on the government to provide a power grid. The government has done its best to provide the citizens with potable water, but unfortunately, the water may have been contaminated at the point of consumption. So, it is only appropriate that you take it upon yourself to ensure that the water in your home is free from any form of contamination.

How about if you are out on an adventurous trek and you need to drink water? You have to make something work for you without harming yourself. There could be a lake or stream around,  but it would be unwise to drink directly from such sources given that the water may contain contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, etc. Having a Berkey gravity-fed water system can make a difference in everything.

Under no circumstance should you drink contaminated water? It could make you sick. When there is no electricity or gas, you have the chance to convert any water you find around you into a safe drinking liquid.


Berkey Off-Grid water system

Berkey’s off-grid water filter system has proven to be the best off-grid water system you can find around today. It is 100% independent of electricity. It serves a great purpose in the face of an emergency. When electricity is not available or there is no access to treated water, you shouldn’t give up, you can use the Berkey water filter to purify the water you can find around you.

Berkey water filter makes use of a gravity-fed water system that works free off electricity or pressure. This gravity-fed system is capable of removing a wide range of contaminants including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and chemicals.

We can proudly say that no other filtration system has been able to come close to achieving the degree of purification by Berkey gravity-fed water system. Berkey gravity-fed water system is suitable for outdoor activities, off-grid homes, and hostile environments with poor quality water. Berkey gravity-fed water system can give you uninterrupted access to pure and healthy water when in this kind of environment. The gravity-fed water system can filter water from all water sources, including ponds, streams, lakes, or well.

Berkey gravity-fed water system contains an effective filtration element, Black Berkey, which it uses to clear contaminated water off chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, viruses, etc.

There are other off-grid water filtration systems like boiling, disinfecting, hot rocks, pasteurization, etc, but none can purify water as a Berkey gravity-fed water system would.  You can learn more about these systems at