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What Should Be Included in Just Sold Listings Postcards: 5 Essential Details     

Despite the arrival of digital marketing tools, the humble postcard is still being used as a marketing tool in the real estate business. In fact, a recent survey found that over half of Americans believe postcards are still useful and effective. The survey results also mention around 90% of direct mail gets viewed, compared to emails which have an open rate of around 20 to 30%. 

Like most real estate professionals, you probably send postcards for just sold listings. But are you including all the necessary information? 

Below are the details you should include in your postcards to provide potential buyers with all the necessary information.

  1. The Date of the Sale 

The date of the sale is important information in the real estate listing postcard. Hence, make sure you include it at a prominent place on the postcard where it can be seen. This will let them know when the property was sold and how recent it was. 

If the property is a new listing, include the list price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and other relevant details. If it’s an existing home that’s been sold, include the final sale price and any pertinent details about the property that may have changed since it was originally listed.

  1. The Address of the Property 

When people look at the sold property, they would want to know the location. Hence, you should include the address of the property on your postcards. If you have more properties for sale in the same locality, the recent sale could generate interest in the ones nearby. 

  1. The Price of the Property 

The price is the first thing home buyers think of when they see a property listing. Hence, it’s important to list the property’s price. This will let potential buyers know how much the property sold for, so if there is another property in the same neighborhood, they will be able to determine the price based on the value of the property you just sold. 

  1. The Name of Buyer and Seller

Including the name of the buyer and seller in postcards for just sold listings is a good way to let people know who bought and sold the house. It also helps people know where the house is located. If the names are not included, people may think that the postcards are not from a real estate company.

By including all of these details in your just sold postcards, you’ll be sure to give potential buyers all the information they need about the property. In addition, by providing this information, you’ll be able to generate leads and interest in your listings.

  1. Pictures of the Property

Including a picture of the property can help generate interest in your listings. By providing a visual of the property, people will get a better idea of what it looks like and whether or not it’s something they’re interested in. In fact, you can include multiple pictures of the property to add pique more interest. 

If you want to generate more leads and interest in your listings, remember to include all the necessary information in your just sold postcards. By including these five pieces of information on your just sold listings postcards, you’ll be sure to provide potential buyers with all the details they need to know about the property, thus helping them make an informed decision.