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Why Italian Tiles Will Make The Best Choice For Your Home?

Deciding on the floor and wall tiles of your room are perhaps the most critical decision for a homeowner. The variety of options can be considered as one of the prime reasons behind this confusion. People often find it quite hard to find out the difference between Chinese made tiles and that of Italian made and designed tiles. However, there is indeed some striking difference that will help you determine your mind.

Here are some of the compelling reasons for you to choose Italian tiles over the other ones. Read on to find out.

  • Better Research and Thought

The manufacturers have invested more money in the research and design of these tiles. Similarly, they have also taken inspiration from the marble patterns to bring the same hue and texture in the tiles. The production work is also taken care of with much more attention.

  • Natural Design is the Key Area

What makes Italian tiles vastly different from that of the Chinese tiles is its natural design. Whereas the usual tiles have one or two faces, these tiles have more than 60 faces. That is why, when the tiles are laid one after another, no pattern is repeated. As a result, the entire wall looks like a single marble slab, which appears to be as natural as possible.

  • The Perfect Colour

For tile manufacturers, it often becomes quite difficult to achieve the right colour of the tiles. If you take a close look at the black shade of the tiles, you will soon find out a green hue in it. More surprisingly, the shade of this greenish black tiles will also not be similar for all the tiles that are laid on the wall. However, the big companies manufacturing Italian tiles use some advanced technology that keeps the natural colour intact.

  • Costly but Long-Lasting

Well, when you calculate the total money you will be spending on these tiles, you might start thinking about the cheaper options. However, when you compare the longevity of the Italian tiles with that of it’s cheaper counterparts, you will prefer to stick with the previous one. The money you will be spending is worthwhile in every way.

  • Perfect for Minimal Bathrooms

Surf the bathroom renovation ideas of 2020 and you will soon learn that the ongoing, as well as future trend, is all about a minimal look. The beauty of these tiles lies in their minimal appeal. These tiles are just perfect for any modern Australian bathroom and elevate its luxurious appeal instantly as well.

  • Maintenance in Minimum

Although you may think that just because the Italian tiles are expensive compared to the other ones, you may have to spend more money on maintenance. However, there is no need for extra work at all. You can simply use the usual maintenance rules you apply for cleaning any other ceramic tiles.

Be sure of consulting with the tiling expert before you invest in the Italian tiles as not all bathrooms are suitable for the same sized tiles. Also, check out the variety in the patterns of tiles before investing in.