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Why SPC flooring is so popular? And how does it fit you?

Using timber as flooring is almost an absolute dream in terms of the design and the associated sense of warmth and home. For over 1000 years, human have been using timber as a major flooring material, while it also subtly signifies grand and class as widely applied in palaces and castles.

Though the popularity of timber, there are concerns in using authentic wood in houses, including the initial cost, the difficulty in maintenance and environmental sustainability. With those in mind, engineered SPC flooring is invented to solve the dilemmas.

Differences of SPC

The “SPC” refers to stone polymer composite, or also mentioned as rigid core due to its hardness. The implementation of SPC into vinyl timber flooring solved the previous “softness” feeling that is generally associated to vinyl product that turned some customers away.

The composite forms the fundamental layer of these revolutionized vinyl timber flooring with multiple benefits. Not only does it being totally waterproof to prevent water seeping under the floor, the reinforced structural integrity also meant the flooring can withstand dropped objects as compared to dents on authentic timber floor.

Rigid core is also highly resistant to temperature changes that it does not expand or contract in extreme temperatures to keep your flooring flat during the boiling summer or the chilling winter, especially in Melbourne.

Why choosing SPC over other options?

While rigid core offers the mentioned benefits, more advantages of engineered SPC flooring over actual timber rely on the construction and materials of the product.

One of the most notable parts refer to the use of vinyl over timber. With the discussion on global climate change constantly intensifies over time, the preservation of our environment should not be overlooked. The essential source of timber flooring – trees – fails to growth in order to reach the demand of human. Using vinyl to replace authentic timber lowers the demand to trees, giving us more oxygen to breathe.

While environmental factors might not be everyone’s major concern, the sandwiched SPC flooring product provides benefits from the top to bottom. The bottom cork layer, for instance, helps to reduce the noise when the floor is being walked on while being flexible for installing on uneven surfaces.

On the top layer, most engineered SPC flooring nowadays are covered with dual layer of protection on top of the vinyl which gives the appearance of timber flooring. A wear layer enhances the durability of the product while a ceramic matt UV coating further protect the flooring to physical damage.

All the added durability over traditional timber flooring products meant engineered SPC flooring are highly scratch resistant for high traffic commercial spaces as well and very suitable to use for homes with pets.

With the advancement of printing technology, vinyl in SPC flooring currently offers a wide range of variants in colour and texture patterns to fit all interior design schemes. Some manufacturers even standardize the specifications of across the variants to increase customisability and creative floor pattern design.

With the benefits of engineered SPC flooring, timber flooring products are more sustainable than ever.