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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Solar Inverter Repair?

A solar energy system needs some help to your home or a utility grid. As it collects direct current (DC) from the sun, it needs to produce alternating current (AC) to power up appliances. The device that performs such controls is called a solar inverter. They are the gateway to converting DC to AC and controlling them.

Today, solar inverter technology has advanced significantly. They provide extra capabilities besides converting DC to AC. These include advanced utility controls and data monitoring. As such, it is quite a challenge to maintain, repair, and service these devices. The right skills and tools are needed to properly execute these tasks. Most homeowners try to DIY the repair to save cost. But they commonly result in further damages and expenses. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional for solar inverter repair.

How Do Solar Inverters Work?

A solar inverter works as a power translator. It converts DC energy to AC. First, it is connected to the solar panel which harnesses solar energy from the sunlight resulting in DC. As it receives DC from the solar panels, it converts them into AC. The solar inverter had another connection tapped in the main electrical outlet of a household or utility grid. Once it converts DC to AC, it controls the distribution of power among electrical appliances and gadgets. The limitation of control depends on the capacity of a solar inverter. Most Australian homes are powered by a 5 kW to 20 kW solar energy system.

Another purpose of a solar inverter is for online communication. You can connect them to the internet to access information about your solar energy system. With a personal online account from your solar inverter, you’ll see the amount of energy it produces and the amount of energy distributed among all your household appliances. Solar inverters last for 10 to 15 years. But they are susceptible to damages and issues. There may be times when the battery is no longer charging or needs replacement. The connectors, controller, and fuses may also malfunction and need replacement. For these reasons, you will need to hire a professional for your solar inverter repair.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Solar Inverter Repair?

Most household owners tried to DIY the repair of their solar inverters. But this is not highly recommended because solar inverters have a complex design system. Such complexity needs the right skills and tools for residential solar panel installation waukesha wi.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional for solar inverter repair.

For General Safety. Solar inverters are commonly located on high areas near the roofs where solar panels are commonly placed. This means the need to climb up and down using a ladder to facilitate the repair. You may also need to carry heavy panels and racks during the climb. This is very dangerous if you’re not experienced in such a task. To avoid such risks, it is better to hire a professional for solar inverter repair. They can well climb and walk on high slopes using safety gear. As professionals, they are used to climbing and heights. They very well know how to avoid accidents and risks associated with their jobs.

For Electrical Safety. Solar inverters are connected to the electrical system of a household or utility grid. To perform the repair, you may need to disconnect them from the electrical connection. Only a licensed electrician is allowed to do so. This is because a simple mistake can cause severe electrical damage and property risks. To hire a professional for solar inverter repair means hiring a licensed electrician who’s an expert in solar inverter repair. Because of their knowledge in the field, they aren’t likely to commit any mistakes.

For Access to Specialty Equipment. Special tools are needed to attach, detach, and repair your solar inverter. It may be costly to buy these tools and confusing to use them. If you hire a professional for solar inverter repair, you’ve got free access to these tools. They are well-equipped with the things needed to perform their craft. They are also very smart in knowing how to use these tools.

Experience and Training. A solar energy system is very tricky. They may look simple and straightforward but a complex design lies beneath them. This goes the same as the structure of a solar inverter. You need to take into account both your solar panels and an electrical outlet to do a proper repair. By hiring professionals to get the job done, you are entrusting the job to experienced and trained solar energy system experts.

Warranty. Professional solar inverter repair companies commonly offer a warranty for any job they have done. This includes a follow-up check on the solar inverter after it has been repaired. At the same time, any solar energy system is commonly covered by a 25-year warranty. If you have the solar inverter repair yourself, it may void the warranty. But then, professionals are licensed to repair without voiding it.