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Wood Fence Care And Repair

When wooden sections break, many homeowners immediately turn to wood fence repair. However, windy conditions, vandalism, and other human mistakes can cause wood areas to split or weaken over time. Whether there is no apparent reason for a section to buckle, but it does over the long term, it might be time to replace an area or entire perimeter of your fencing.

Your home is an investment, so why not invest a little more in protecting it? Wooden fence repair can be done relatively inexpensively, depending on the damage. If you have a dog or cat, you may need to install an alarm system as well. This will ensure that if anyone should get close, alerting you before they can harm your fence, you will be the one to save your property. For many people, this is all that is needed to make wooden fence repair worth the effort.

Rot fungi are one of the most common problems faced by those who have wooden fences. This mild fungus damages the wood over time, causing it to become weaker and more vulnerable to damage from the elements. As a result, fence rot can quickly occur if the wood is not adequately protected. Luckily, this fungus is highly resistant to bleach, detergents, and most commercially available cleaning solutions.

Before beginning any repair for wood fence Effingham County or replacement project, it is best to inspect the area for possible damage thoroughly. Begin with a visual inspection and note any cracks, signs of distress, or deterioration. A little knowledge is often a good ally when tackling a project such as this. Taking the time to make repairs or replacements correctly the first time can prevent the problem from becoming worse in the future.

One of the first things to do if you detect the problem is to request a chemical analysis of the wood. If you suspect rust, you may want to consider removing and replacing sections until you determine that it is not the cause of the decay. If you see evidence of termites, you may wish to assess the extent of the damage and decide whether repairs are warranted or if immediate action is necessary. You will likely need to purchase new fencing materials and possibly dig up the area to begin staking down the new material for repairs. While you may want to hire a professional company, the repairs can usually be done independently.

If you suspect that your home has become too damp due to rain or moisture, you may have to invest in some severe rain wood conditioning. Even if the rainy season is long over, there is no guarantee that there are no large pools of water underneath your home’s shingles or that there is not an excessive amount of moisture in the soil. Preventative measures such as sealing your gutters and downspouts can prevent significant problems from becoming worse. Many repairs can also be made to help prevent future problems by checking and replacing any signs of rot.

Wood fence repair is much less expensive than replacing your fence, and there are no health risks associated with either type of repair job. However, if you choose to tear down your existing fence to make repairs, you should be sure to check for cracks or other damage beforehand so that you can avoid further damage to your home. The same goes for replacing damaged sections of your fence.

You may not be able to avoid replacing damaged sections of wood fences, especially if you live in an area with high humidity levels. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but preventing future damage to your home by repairing damaged areas before they become too worn out is your best option. Find yourself needing to replace your fence because of extreme weather conditions. You can always ask a contractor to recommend an excellent product to help you achieve outstanding results. Moisture and dry rot are two of the most common reasons for fence damage, and a suitable sealant can help prevent these problems before they become severe enough to warrant replacement.